My accomplishments

I consider getting admission into the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) by cracking one of the world’s toughest entrance exams as my accomplishment. Although both of my parents are doctors, I chose to become an engineer. Right from my childhood I was fascinated by simple physics and math applications in real life. Impressive results like 91% marks in my board exam at 10th Grade made me feel confident about my analytic abilities and I opted for the science stream at 11th grade. I had to face a daunting task of maintaining a balance between my school studies and preparations for the IIT-JEE (Joint Entrance Exam). My interest, dedication and hard work in studying science subjects enabled me to get a good rank in the IIT-JEE and qualify for the unique Integrated Dual Degree Course namely B. Tech in Process Engineering with an MBA in Operations at IIT Roorkee. Secondly, while still in junior year at IIT, I was appointed as the General Secretary Sports. I have been passionate about sports as it instils discipline and keeps me fit. I had been playing basketball for years. I was the member of the winning basketball team at Campion school in my 9th grade. At high school I got selected to represent my school in the Delhi inter-school basketball tournaments. At college, being highly passionate and active in this sport, I got selected in the inter hostel team of IIT Roorkee during my freshman year itself. I was appointed as basketball captain in my sophomore year. I led the team for winning the gold medal in the Inter Hostel Match. All of these achievements culminated in my being subsequently appointed as General Secretary Sports in my junior year. As the general secretary sports, I was responsible for organising all the sports related activities. I successfully established the trend-setting inter house tournaments with the inception of four houses. I promoted participation in sports while leading twelve sports secretaries and their respective teams for conducting Inter Hostel and Inter Year matches, Annual Athletic Meet, Sports Day and Felicitation ceremony for the entire academic year. I procured required sports goods and equipment after optimum allocation of institute funds to various sports activities. Thirdly, during my senior year, I was awarded Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) for accomplishing a sponsored empirical research project on 'Entrepreneurial Orientation of IIT students'. Being highly motivated by the success stories of first generation entrepreneurs who believed in the power of their dreams, I wanted to gain an insight into entrepreneurial traits. My research proposal was selected through a committee appointed by the Director of the institute and approved by Dean SRIC (Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy). My project was under the guidance of Professor S Rangnekar (Head, Department of Management Studies). I collected responses from 433 IIT Roorkee students belonging to various courses and years, based on a questionnaire which was developed after a comprehensive literature review and interviewing successful entrepreneurs. The SURA project yielded research papers that predict the entrepreneurial orientation of the students and enable them to imbibe the culture of innovation. I have achieved the distinction of being institute’s only undergraduate student actively doing the research on innovation and entrepreneurship. In view of my leadership skills and research in entrepreneurship, I was selected to represented India at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and United Nations (UN) in NYC (Feb 2011) for the ‘Global Summit to explore Humanity's Most Pressing Challenges’ as the most innovative and entrepreneurial student after being declared as a ‘Future Global Leader’ and ‘Kairos Global Fellow’ by the US based international society called Kairos Society.

Challenges in Life

One of my biggest ambitions during my freshman year at college was to turn into a Rockstar! I picked up playing Spanish guitar when I was in 7th Grade. It had been a long journey of me and my guitar when I stepped into college. I had performed as lead guitarist at various cultural events like school annual days, talent nights and gigs. I was associated with a music school called Abhivyakti for three long years in Bhopal. I had taken up special course of performing arts in guitar (both electric and acoustic) at Abhivyakti. I also had few of my original compositions and self written English and Hindi songs. As performing in front of a live audience appealed to me a lot, I joined my college band during freshmen year and performed at two major cultural events. Unfortunately, I haven’t got to perform on stage since then which comes to me as a setback. Academics always had an upper hand. Since the beginning of my sophomore year I just couldn’t devote much time to this passion of mine. I was more occupied with studying Process Engineering and working on my research on Entrepreneurship. Moreover, most of my band members left college after graduation. To build up a band from scratch would have taken lots of my time, energy and resources which I was investing in academics. On the parallel, I also had growing responsibilities as the General Secretary sports. I consider guitar to be the natural extension of my life and I will never stop playing it. The second setback I faced relates to my ambition to be a professional basketball player. Unfortunately this could not be realised. My height which is 5 feet 7 inches wouldn’t be a great asset for budding basketball player. Moreover in India, basketball is not very commonly played game and opportunities in basketball are comparatively less. Due to my perpetual enthusiasm for basketball, nothing could prevent me from being a Delhi Inter-School Basketball Player and subsequently the Basketball Captain at college. However, I was not able to take this to the national or the international level. I remember, long back when I was a kid, my father bought me my first Chicago Bulls Basketball Net that I put up in my backyard. I developed my dribbling skills on the uneven backyard surface. The thrill to shoot and pass the ball was gripping. Since then to winning gold medals as captain at college, my love for basketball has never faded. I dream to play basketball forever and play every single game as if it were my last.

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Neeraj is a prolific personality excelling in academics, sports and music. Entrepreneurship has been his keen interest. The passion to achieve and passion for business appeal to him a lot. He is highly motivated by the success stories of first generation entrepreneurs who believed in the power of their dreams.